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A 5G World Is on the Horizon, But How Will It Work?

They say 5G is going to completely change our lives – from as simple to gaming, to driving,to as complex as medical care. This shift will be a once in a decade upgrade for our wireless systems. Now, that all sounds great but what is it and when can I …

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10 OLDEST Technologies That Scientists Can’t Explain

Number ten Greek fire ancient scientists have given countless inventions to humanity some inventions from ancient times still remain a mystery though the Greek fire used by the Byzantine Empire in the seventh century is one of the biggest secrets in science this was a liquid substance thrown from ships …

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Why graphene hasn’t taken over the world…yet

– It may not look like it, but I’m creating one of the strongest and most versatile materials on Earth, graphene. You’ve probably heard buzz about it. Graphene made big waves back in 2004, and it’s knocked around science news ever since. – A global race for graphene. – You …

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Inside the World’s Coolest Tech Store

– Hey, guys, this is Austin. Today I’m here in one of the coolest tech stores in the universe, and I brought a couple friends. So we’re here at the B&H Superstore in New York City. Now, this is not a sponsored video, however, my boy Darren hooked it up, …

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Which Country Has The Best Technology?

Hey There! Welcome to Life Noggin! Technology and innovation are coming full speed towards us from so many directions all over the world. But, Which Country Has The Best Technology? Each country in this global tech race has something special to offer. Different countries have different specialties and deciding which …

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