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Modern technology. Advantages and disadvantages.

Essay discussing the advantages and disadvantages of modern technology. The advantages and disadvantages of modern technology. *(Advantages introduction) It is easy to see the advantages of modern technology in our everyday lives. Technology has given us mobile phones, computers, televisions and many other useful things. *(contrast idea) However, most modern inventions come with a price, maybe social or environmental, so we need to look at both sides of the story. *(Advantages introduction) One of the main advantages of modern technology can be seen in medical science. The discoveries of antibiotics and vaccinations have saved millions of lives around the world. *(Additional reason) In addition to this, modern technology has made industry more efficient. *(Disadvantages introduction) On the other hand, modern technology is responsible for the development of weapons, which have caused a lot of destruction. *(Additional reason) Another disadvantage is that it makes us lazy. Nowadays, many people spend their lives sitting in front of computer screens. This is a development that surely has negative effects on our mental and physical health, making us more isolated and less active.

*(Personal opinion/conclusion) In my humble opinion, modern technology is a good thing. *(Personal opinion/conclusion) In general, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. *(Personal opinion/conclusion) Of course, there are drawbacks, but it is important to remember that technology itself is not the problem. *(Personal opinion/conclusion) The problem is that we use technology without always thinking about the harmful consequences. .

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