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Flutter for Design (Mobile World Congress ‘19)

Hello my name is will L’Arche and I’m the lead flutter engineer for material design at Google I’m an engineer whose entire purpose is supporting designers through flutter flutter is Google’s new SDK for developing apps it allows you to deploy apps on multiple platforms from one code base essentially …

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Highlights from Flutter at Mobile World Congress 2019

hi welcome to mole rule Congress I want to introduce you to flutter Google’s toolkit for building native apps on iOS and Android from a single codebase and in fact since MWC last year we’ve seen global brands from all around the world using flutter to build their apps these …

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Flutter for Developers (Mobile World Congress ‘19)

Before we get started I’d like to tell you my name is Chris and I am the product manager for the flutter developer experience and with me is Matt who is the lead for a flutter developer relations team and it’s our job to teh to tell you about flutter …

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