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This New ‘Perfect’ Battery Has Experts Stumped

The Lithium ion battery has made our modern phones, laptops, and electric cars possible. The secret is its ability to cram a lot of power into a tiny package, but for its inventor John B Goodenough, that wasn’t good enough. Nearly 40 years after he helped create a battery that …

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This Is the End of the Silicon Chip, Here’s What’s Next

Electronics keep getting smaller, and it’s all thanks to electric switches called transistors. When these little fellas replaced vacuum tubes, computers went from the size of entire rooms to merely the corner of a room. In the 60-odd years since, transistors have kept shrinking, scaling down and powering up our …

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A 5G World Is on the Horizon, But How Will It Work?

They say 5G is going to completely change our lives – from as simple to gaming, to driving,to as complex as medical care. This shift will be a once in a decade upgrade for our wireless systems. Now, that all sounds great but what is it and when can I …

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Why graphene hasn’t taken over the world…yet

– It may not look like it, but I’m creating one of the strongest and most versatile materials on Earth, graphene. You’ve probably heard buzz about it. Graphene made big waves back in 2004, and it’s knocked around science news ever since. – A global race for graphene. – You …

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