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Mach 5 aircraft technology | The Edge

But as manufacturing techniques evolve and improve there is still one component that even the largest aircraft manufacturers admit is crucial to the future of the industry engines we have ever-more fuel-efficient aircraft and that counts for the airlines obviously for the probability of the airlines which is usually very …

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World’s Most Amazing Materials

Welcome to TTI welcome to a whole new world of science and fun today we’re going to explore some incredible and amazing materials from the world of science fiction so sit back relax and enjoy the video number one do a yen polyuria spray well we all know that many …

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Top 10 AMAZING New Green Technologies in the Works

10 Amazing New Green Technologies in the Works 10. Air Purifying Roof Tiles A big problem with green technology is making it as practical as it is useful. With this in mind, a new trend in practical green technology is the coating of roof tiles with titanium dioxide, which is …

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What Google Didn’t Tell You About the Pixel 3

– The artificial intelligence powering Google’s new Pixel 3 is some of the most powerful in the world, but this AI has an almost scary trick up it’s sleeve. One that Google is not even talking about and we definitely didn’t see coming. – I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I …

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How AI is making it easier to diagnose disease | Pratik Shah

Computer algorithms today are performing incredible tasks with high accuracies, at a massive scale, using human-like intelligence. And this intelligence of computers is often referred to as AI or artificial intelligence. AI is poised to make an incredible impact on our lives in the future. Today, however, we still face …

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Unboxing The $20,000 Smartphone

So I think that this is the most expensive thing I’ve ever had on a desk here At Unbox Therapy Now, If you some sort of Unbox Therapy aficionado You can go back through the Inventory and you can tell me if there is something I missed But I don’t …

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