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World’s Most Amazing Materials

Welcome to TTI welcome to a whole new world of science and fun today we’re going to explore some incredible and amazing materials from the world of science fiction so sit back relax and enjoy the video number one do a yen polyuria spray well we all know that many …

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What Google Didn’t Tell You About the Pixel 3

– The artificial intelligence powering Google’s new Pixel 3 is some of the most powerful in the world, but this AI has an almost scary trick up it’s sleeve. One that Google is not even talking about and we definitely didn’t see coming. – I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I …

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Intelligence Test (2018) : Real online IQ Test

Do you know? our intelligence, Emotion and Behaviour depend on our IQ, EQ and Mental Age Do you know your IQ, EQ and Mental Age? If not then you are at the right place. we have made a series of 3 videos in which we will provide all the test …

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World’s Biggest Android Phone!

Once upon a time I showed you the world’s smallest Android phone If you haven’t seen that video go and check it out Today, the same company Posh Mobile Is that Posh Mobile or Posh Micro ? Posh ? Just Posh Posh ! Has sent me what they are calling …

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